Cedarhurst Elementary School
611 South 132nd Street Burien, WA 98168


Student Handbook

Cedarhurst Expectations: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Successful

Our Promise 

Know you by name, strength and need.

Our Mission

To create a safe and caring environment for self confident, independent learners succeeding academically and socially.

Our Vision

Cedarhurst scholars succeed every day!

We are Respectful, Responsible, Safe & Successful in...

As a student, I will:

  • Model positive behavior and be an active leader of school culture.
  • Treat myself, teachers, administrators, staff, other students, and property with respect.
  • Take responsibility for my learning and behavior, and hold myself to high standards of achievement and conduct.
  • Follow school and classroom expectations and rules.
  • Come to school every day, on time, and ready to learn as a participating member of the school community.
  • Listen to requests from school staff.
  • Participate in problem solving of individual and school concerns.
  • Report serious violations of safety and security to a teacher or other adult at school. 
  • Practice self discipline.
  • Stand up for myself others.
  • Be successful!