Student Handbook

Cedarhurst Expectations: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Successful

Our Promise 

Know you by name, strength and need.

Our Mission

To create a safe and caring environment for self confident, independent learners succeeding academically and socially.

Our Vision

Cedarhurst scholars succeed every day!

We are Respectful, Responsible, Safe & Successful in...


  • Listen to adults
  • Kind words
  • Care for materials
  • Hands/body to self
  • Do your work, try your best and don't give up! 


  • Walking
  • In a straight line
  • Zero voice
  • Hands/body to self


  • Voice level 1
  • Flush the toilet
  • Wash hands
  • Leave it clean
  • Walk back to class


  • Straight line on the ride side
  • Walking one step at a time
  • Zero voice
  • Hold handrail
  • Hands/body to self


  • Listen to driver
  • Hands/body in seat
  • Kind words
  • Voice level 2
  • Stay seated


  • Enter quietly
  • Zero voice
  • Hands/body to self
  • Sit criss-cross applesauce
  • Eyes on the speaker


  • Come in quietly
  • Stop at the counter
  • Wait for an adult
  • Voice level 2


  • Listen to recess monitors
  • Use kind words
  • Use equipment correctly
  • Hands/body to self
  • Line up when the bell rings

If you do not follow expectations, you will: 

  1. Receive a warning
  2. Sit on the wall
  3. Lose Recess

As a student, I will:

  • Model positive behavior and be an active leader of school culture.
  • Treat myself, teachers, administrators, staff, other students, and property with respect.
  • Take responsibility for my learning and behavior, and hold myself to high standards of achievement and conduct.
  • Follow school and classroom expectations and rules.
  • Come to school every day, on time, and ready to learn as a participating member of the school community.
  • Listen to requests from school staff.
  • Participate in problem solving of individual and school concerns.
  • Report serious violations of safety and security to a teacher or other adult at school. 
  • Practice self discipline.
  • Stand up for myself others.
  • Be successful!

Consequences for Behavior on a Referral

Types of Behaviors

  • Disruptive/Unsafe activity
  • Fighting
  • Inappropriate dress
  • Inappropriate Contact/Language
  • Inciting aggression
  • Interference w/authority
  • Misuse of technology
  • Cheating/Forgery
  • Cyberbullying
  • Bullying/Harassment/Intimidation
  • Defacing/Destroying Property
  • Theft

1st offense

  • Parent phone call
  • Restitution

2nd Offense

  • Parent phone call
  • Restitution
  • Non-participation in activities

3rd Offense

  • Parent conference
  • Restitution
  • Non-participation in activities (ongoing)

The following could result in suspension or more, to address the safety of the school: Possession of alcohol, drugs, weapons, tobacco, vapes and explosives. Arson/Burning.

Our goal is zero suspensions.

Dress for Success

At Cedarhurst we dress for success; proper grooming helps shape an academic mindset, and your personal grooming contributes to the positive learning environment at Cedarhurst.

Items not allowed at Cedarhurst for students:

  • Gum
  • Toys
  • Tank Tops with spaghetti straps
  • Flip flops or shoes without backs
  • Cleats
  • Electronics or cell phones
  • Sports equipment
  • Halter tops
  • Heelies
  • Pajamas
  • Clothing disruptive to the learning environment

Hats/hoods/do rags/bandanas may not be worn in the building, unless for religious or verified medical purposes.

Cedarhurst Elementary School will not pay for lost or stolen personal possessions of students, such as toys, watches, musical instruments, electronics, cell phones, etc. We will not disrupt classroom learning to search for toys.

Responses to NOT being respectful, responsible, safe and successful:

  1. Reminder
  2. Warning
  3. Reset desk
  4. Buddy classroom
  5. Teacher conference and parent phone call
  6. Referral

Chain of command:

  1. Staff member
  2. Assistant Principal
  3. Principal

Bear Bucks & Paw Pride

Bear Bucks

As you demonstrate Cedarhurst expectations, you will earn Bear Bucks to spend in our store!

  • Stickers
  • Books
  • Pencils
  • Coloring books
  • Otter pops
  • Keychains
  • Notepads
  • Plush animals
  • Cedarhurst Gear
  • Breakfast with Principal or Assistant Principal
  • Friday drawings!

Paw Pride

As your class demonstrates Cedarhurst expectations, you will earn Paw Prides. Paw Prides can be earned daily.

  • Morning Assembly
  • Short recess line up
  • Lunch
  • Lunch recess line up
  • Specialists
  • Hallway transitions
  • Classroom

Meet your class goal to earn the Friday Gym Bonanza!